Big Mumbo

A photo of all the members of Big Mumbo

Since 1994 and local to the Pacific Northwest, Big Mumbo plays old school R&B and Soul with influences from Etta James, Tower of Power, James Brown, BB King, Martha & The Vandellas, The Drifters, Lloyd Jones, Flash Cadillac, Vasser Clemens and many more. We've performed at Winthrop Blues, Ritzville, CDA Blues, Sunbanks, 49D North, Schweitzer Mt., Silver Mt., Zoo-ba-lee. We've won numerous IEBS Awards including Best Album, Best Band in the Northwest and Musician's Choice Award.

Phil Berkowitz

A photo of all the members of Big Mumbo

Phil Berkowitz is a master of the blues harmonica and an accomplished vocalist who has been energizing the San Francisco Bay Area blues scene for more than a decade.

Phil founded the High Rollers in 1996 and plays regularly in clubs and blues jams throughout the area. His love of the blues has also taken him to New Orleans, Memphis, and other cities where he has jammed with some of the best players in those cities.

Coyote Kings

Following the release of their Empire Award nominated CD "Feelin' Lucky," the Coyote Kings have enjoyed a rapid rise in the Northwest and world-wide. They are now one of the most sought after event, festival, and just plain PARTY bands in the PNW! With the release of their second CD, "Coyote Kings' Large Band Extravaganza," featuring 12 live and studio recorded original tracks, Coyote Kings are ready to get out and rock up the Blues for you. Their live show is one big high powered stunner!

The Cronkites

The Cronkites

The Cronkites are one of the Inland Northwest’s premier bands. Whether playing at Local Nightclubs, opening for National acts, or performing at weddings and corporate parties, The Cronkites blend music, energy, and humour into their own brand of entertainment for all types and all ages.

Sammy Eubanks

A photo of Sammy in concert

Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said, written or thought about this outstanding musician. Sammy’s name alone speaks volumes--as does his music! Quite possibly the most reputable musician in the Inland Empire, Sammy Eubanks delivers a quality performance every time he takes the stage, playing a variety of Blues, Country and Rock n’ Roll Classics all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Influenced by many artists and styles, he too demonstrates diversified talent rarely seen in music today. Ever the skillful vocalist and guitar player, he is a leader in the Northwest music scene. Sammy has won multiple awards and recognitions ranging from the Inland Empire Blues Societies’ Empire Award for “Best Male Vocalist” to the Inlander Magazines reader voted “Best Local Musician” award for 2007

The Fat Tones

A photo of The Fat Tones

The Fat Tones (Bobby Patterson, Guitar and Vocals. Bob Ehrgott, Bass and Vocals. Robby Minton, Drums and Vocals.) were awarded the Best Blues Band band by the Inland Empire Blues Society for 2005. If you still have not seen these guys light up the stage yet your missing out, check out the dates they are playing and get your butt on the dance floor. Their influences are Alvin Lee, Delbert McClinton, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Winter and too many others to list.

Cary Fly

A photo of Cary Fly

Cary Fly's musical family tree has deep roots starting with his mother, a vocalist with the Artie Shaw Band (Yes, the big band swing/jazz guy.) and back up singer, along side Mary Ford, with the Les Paul (Yes, that "Les Paul.") Band. In other words Cary was quite literally exposed to great music while still in the womb. It's hardly surprising that, by the age of twelve, Cary had won his first Battle of the Bands, having already cut his musical teeth in the single guitar and a strong sense of angst in the Folk era.

Since that time Cary has been all over the musical and geographical map, working with many bands and rubbing shoulders with some big names. From folk and psychedelic, to the new wave, to country, to surf rock, power pop and the blues--you name it--Cary and his fellow muscians have played it at some point in his eclectic and long musical career.

Generation Gap

A photo of all the members of Generation Gap

Cory, Doug and Deni of Generation Gap specialize in playing rock and roll classics from the 50s to the 80s.

The Groove Patrol

A photo of The Groove Patrol

The Groove Patrol has been establishing itself for over 9 years as a true, working band. Just real, honest, dedication to the art form of music. Deeply steeped in the rich traditions of funk, rock, jazz, salsa, Afro beat, and many other forms of world music, this is a band that can truly take the music anywhere.

The Groove Patrol grew out of an informal Thursday night jazz session at a small hotel bar in the college town of Moscow, ID. Running successfully for over 5 years at that location before moving to Spokane, WA, it was a fertile training ground for a number of the musicians who would make up the Groove Patrol.

Mr. Happy

Mr. Happy promo picture

Although Mr. Happy doesn't tour too far away from their home town of Spokane, WA their music does. Mr. Happy is finally going to break down and have CD's of their music available for all their fans that have been pleading with the band to do so. So please check back soon for more info on when their music CD's will be available. While other bands wow us with the special effects we all love, it's a nice reality to step back to an intelligent and personable band like Mr. Happy whenever possible.

They're need for playing just because they love music and adore being part of a great culture & industry that puts fun & happiness in front of life's drama keeps them real. Life is dramatic enough and even overpoweringly sad sometimes and it's really nice to be pulled back out of life's sad realities and into a much more happy environment. If you are anywhere near the northwest at anytime it would be well worth your while to seek them out for a great night or weekend out and please feel free to email them at anytime for any info whatsoever.

Ben Klein (As Elvis)

A Photo of Ben Klein as Elvis Presley

Benjamin "Lee" Klein was born on January 3, 1981, in the same week as Elvis, only 46 years later. Growing up as the only child of musical parents, he has been singing , dancing and acting all of his life. Through the years he also learned to play drums, bass guitar, piano and acoustic guitar. In 2002, he bought a '50's Elvis CD for his Dad Randy, who was an Elvis tribute artist before Ben was born. Then realizing his own resemblance to the young Elvis, he borrowed the CD, found movies and videos and decided to listen, watch, study and practice.

Ben "Preslee" Klein began tributing Elvis Presley with his early hits, and has since added '60's movie tunes and songs from the "68 Comeback Special" to his show. Ben has the looks, the voice, the moves and more! He sincerely feels that if Elvis could say one thing to him it would be to perform his music, especially gospel, with as much passion as he can.


A photo of Kolvane

Kolvane is well known for its entertaining, take-no-prisoners live performances. One of the top NW bands, Portland-based Kolvane tours the West Coast, creating an original sound that energizes fans to get up and dance. This award-winning quartet gives audiences a fresh, dynamic approach to the classic Blues traditions. Its well-honed songs propel the heart of traditional Delta and Chicago Blues forward into a unique Powerhouse sound. Combining hard-driving rhythms, soulful vocals, and rollicking piano, Kolvane pleases general audiences and Blues enthusiasts alike. Dan “Kolvane” Berkery was the creator and driving force behind the two-time Muddy Award winning Rose City Kings, which morphed into "Kolvane," playing a rollicking style of rock with the crash-energy Kolvane blasting around the stage and Louisiana keyboard monster Steve Kerin rattling the room with his boogie-woogie style.

Kozmik DreamZz

A photo of Kozmik DreamZz

Based in Spokane, Washington, Kozmik DreamZz consists of Monika Lindsey, Vocals; Jay Lindsey, Drums/Vocals; Dave Cooney, Bass/Vocals; Blas Ortiz Jr., lead and rhythm guitar. Their influences include: Janis Joplin, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osborne, Rush, Doro Pesch, DOA, Soundgarden, Heart and many others.

The Perones

A photo of all the members of The Perones

The Perones were formed in July of 1989 by Jon Pieroni on vocals, and his brother Mark on drums. They were together in successful bands in Spokane from the mid '70s including "Hot Stuff", and "The Cads of Badness". Aaron Boschee was added on the bass. Aaron had played in Spokane since the late '60s with bands including "Good Morning", and "Rendevous". Eric Burgeson, from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, joined on guitar and vocals. Eric started in the mid '60s with bands including "Shyanne", and "Foghat". The group put together a list of classic rock songs from the '50s to present, and started playing.

In '90 they added a young keyboardist, Forrest Wolf. He brought a new dimension to the band. He left 2 years later to pursue a solo career, but left a need for the bigger sound. The band decided to stay 4 piece, and add keyboard sequencing. The formula worked.

Mark left the band in '96 to play with other Spokane bands, and the Perones were lucky to find Jimi Schlegel from SoCal. Jimi brought a new voice and songs to the band. His amiable personality, and smooth style were an instant hit. He became a good friend. Jimi was with the band for over 10 years before he left to take a teaching job on Whidby Island.

Mark returned to replace Jimi in September of '06. His distinctive style, and rock solid grooves are the backbone of the Perones sound. The experience of the band spans decades. Come see us. We can't wait to see you.


A photo Rampage holding up their band logo.

Our most frequently heard comment describing Rampage is, "Wow! You don’t often get to hear and see music like that in a club!" Once you hear Rampage you’ll agree that they are one of the best live music bands in the inland Northwest. When Rampage plays rock n’ blues dance covers, the ones we all love and remember, everyone in the crowd has just enough time to catch their breath before they are back on the dance floor, either dancing or watching, concert mode. Currently the band is based in Spokane, WA. They originated on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, and have been playing there and around the Inland Northwest since 2003.

Kevin Selfe and the Tornados

A photo of all the members of the Tornados

In early 2005, Kevin decided it was time to go out on his own and formed his own group, Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes. The band quickly became known as one of the tightest and most energetic blues outfits around. In September 2005, he and the Tornadoes had the honor of backing up Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater at the Taste of The Blue Ridge Blues Festival in Roanoke, VA. In January 2007, Kevin backed up former Muddy Waters sideman and harmonica legend, the late Carey Bell, on what ended up being his last show. "Getting to do that gig with Carey was one of those magical nights I'll never forget," Kevin remembers.

Steve Starkey

A photo of Steve Starkey tuning his guitar

Formerly a lead gitaurist of the Haggard Willies, Steve Starkey has been playing Americana roots, country, psychobilly at many venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Studebaker John

A photo of Studebaker John

As a songwriter and musician, Studebaker John has emerged as a major creative force in the world of the blues today. Ahead of the pack, with vision and foresight, creating a new standard and landscape for this music’s future… with John at the wheel, the future is now! 2006: Avanti Records’ Self-Made Man contains nearly 80 minutes of all original steamy blues and smokin’ blues-rock, incorporating Chicago, boogie, swamp, swing, and harmonica blues, all recorded with a live-in-the-studio sound that is true to Studebaker John’s stage performances.

Too Slim & the Taildraggers

A photo of Too Slim and the Taildraggers

With Tim Langford as guitar and vocals, Polly O'Keary as bass and vocals and Tommy Cook on the drums, Too Slim & the Taildraggers are headliners at theaters, festivals and concert stages. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Bo Diddley, Brian Setzer, Johnny Lang, .38 Special, Robert Cray, Otis Rush, Jeff Healey, Ted Nugent, Los Lobos, Lonnie Mack, Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, Travis Tritt, Junior Brown, Gatemouth Brown, Neil McCoy, Delbert McClinton, Blues Traveler, Steppenwolf, Johnny and Edgar Winter. The band’s last CD The Fortune Teller, charted as high as #9 on the Billboard magazine Top Blues Album sales chart in 2007 and 2008. Too Slim and the Taildraggers are also in the Hall of Fame of three Northwest blues societies.

Their devoted fan base has grown over the years into a national and international following. Experiencing a Too Slim and the Taildraggers concert is like taking a journey through the history of American music. Too Slim’s musical style ranges from down home blues, funky blues rock, Americana, southern swamp rock and instrumental guitar styles.

Voodoo Church

A photo of some of the members of Voodoo Church

Voodoo Church is composed of Gary Yeoman: "The Right Reverand Yo," guitar, vocals and spells. Plus a cast of thousands, including but not limited to, Joel Foy, Bryan Bullard, Phil Law, master guitar slasher "Little" Dennis Higgins, drummer Jim Elvidge, Mr. Happy's bassist and anyone who likes to throw down the boogie, work the gris-gris, drink, smoke and carry on! Influences are Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Junior Wells, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, JB Lenior, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Rolling Stones and others.

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